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14″ Bantu Twists Ombre #1B/30 , ,


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Bantu Twists come in a beautiful kinky texture pattern. Rock these as crochet braids or twists. This hair is highly versatile, easy to maintain and style in numerous ways!


Model Image: Bantu Twists 22″ in 1B


Recommended Amount of Packs:

6 for a full head of crochet braids

6 to 8 for a full head of large twists or braids

Weight 125 g

Ombre 1B/30#



Units Per Pack


7 reviews for 14″ Bantu Twists Ombre #1B/30

  • Please when will this hair be restocked?

    • This will be in again first week of November!

  • When will you have 1B/27 or is that color just not available? …I wanted to order 1B/30 and 1B/27 together

    • Hello, we currently do not have 1B/27# at this moment, maybe in the future!

  • Used this for my first experience with crochet braids. The colour is awesome and I get complimented all the time! Once it calms down a bit, the volume is great and the curls keep well. I spray it to keep the moisture and cut and fraying ends to stop it looking messy. Has lasted well and will order again, so please keep this colour combo!

  • Hi when will this hair be restocked?

    • Hello Kenya, the next stock update for this is within 7 to 10 weekdays.

    • Hello Kenya, this is back in stock, hope you get the notification :).

  • Hi do you guys ship to the U.S ?

    • Hello Pheyphey, we do ship to the US and around the world :).

  • When will this color be restocked its been “out of stock” for months.

    • Hello Naj, we always bringing it back in stock but it sells out very quickly. We have more coming in this week, I can send you a notifications as soon as it is back.

    • Hello Naj, this is in stock!

  • Hello
    When is this colour of hair back in stock? I’ve been checking but still says out of stock.

    • Hello Lara, This is back in stock.
      – Jorie Hair

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