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golden dreams gold hair beads

Golden Dreams Hair Beads Set , ,


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Hair Beads

Golden dreams are a bead set with different sizes, types and textures. Combining this gives a dreamy golden gleam when added to faux locs, twists or braids. Add the beads in different orders and combinations for different looks. There are 30 beads in total in this set.


Golden Dream Beads Set Info:

Bead Type 5pcs – size 9mm (6mm hole)
Bead Type 2 5pcs – size 12mm * 4.5mm (6mm hole)
Bead Type 3 5pcs – size 11mm * 11mm  (7mm hole)
Bead Type 4 5pcs – size 9mm * 9mm (6mm hole)
Bead Type 5 5pcs – size 24mm * 16mm * 16mm (6mm hole)
Bead Type 6 5pcs – size 13mm * 13mm * 13mm (9mm hole)


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