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hair beads mystic africa

Hair Beads Mystic Africa Mixed Set , ,


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Hair Beads

Our Mystic Africa set are beautiful hair beads for braids, locs or twists. They combine a mix of tribal carved beads with other brown wooden beads and a touch of metallic gold beads to create a unique mix. So they make an excellent addition to any beaded hairstyle.


Mystic Africa Beads Set Info:

Large Dark Mahogany Wooden Beads 5pcs – size 20mm * 16mm (9.5mm hole)
Chocolate Long Cylinder Beads 5pcs – size 12mm * 23mm (5mm hole)
Round Tribal Beads 5pcs – size 10mm* 10mm (6mm hole)
Tribal Short Cylinder Beads 5pcs – size 11mm* 18mm (6mm hole)
Tribal Long Beads 5pcs – size 11mm * 27mm (6mm hole)
Gold Round Textured Beads 5pcs – size 24mm * 16mm (7mm hole)


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