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nubian twists crochet hair

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Nubian Twist Crochet Hair

Nubian Twist Crochet Hair are lightweight and fluffy. We hand customise these from nubian spring twist hair. The texture of the fiber gives the illusion that you have had your own hair twisted. The low lustre of the fiber gives it a natural look and feel. Each set of Nubian Twist Crochet Hair contains 190 twists in total. This is enough for a full head leaving you with some twists to spare. These twists are also re-usable. It comes in 18″ & 14″, this is the stretched length so the actual length of the overall hair can be slightly shorter.


You can decide on how thick you want your hair to be depending on how much or how little twists used.  These twists can be attached with several different methods. Simply crochet them to your cornrows or use them for individuals. To create individuals from this you can unravel them and re-twist or alternatively braid your hair into small section and wrap around the twists.




Midnight Black


14", 18"

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