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About Us | Jorie Hair




At Jorie Hair we create a hair range that is bound to inspire confidence in the wearer. We don’t believe in a one-hair fits all rule which is why we provide a great range of hair extensions and accessories. We are not your typical beauty supply store and create quality products at affordable prices. A lot of beauty supply brands just churn out styles without much thought. But as a small (but mighty) hair brand we don’t churn out hairstyles without thought. Our styles are created with the end user in mind, often using our own personal experience, customer feedback as well as input from experienced hair stylists to create new protective styles and accessories.


We provide the latest hair extensions for the those who are ‘hair forward’ and wants to try something new. Our aim to keep evolving, improving and creating value for our customers. We try to add a personal touch when connecting with our customers and make them feel truly welcome to the Jorie Hair family.