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About Us | Jorie Hair






At Jorie Hair we create and design a hair range that is bound to inspire confidence in the wearer. We do not offer your typical beauty supply store hair. Each product in our range has been designed and or hand-created by us.As a small (but mighty) hair brand we don’t churn out hairstyles without thought. Our styles are created with the end user in mind, often using our own personal experience, customer feedback as well as input from experienced hair stylists to create new protective styles and accessories.


Our aim to keep evolving, improving and creating value for our customers. We try to add a personal touch when connecting with our customers to make them feel truly welcome to the Jorie Hair family.





Jorie Hair started because our founder Marjorie would go into the beauty supply store looking for hair. Only to find that the people who sold the hair were never really knowledgeable about it. Especially when questioned about how much hair to use, how long it lasts or even the basics of how to install the hair. It was uncommon for hair businesses to be black woman owned, especially since the hair in these beauty supply shops are marketed mainly towards woman of colour. The quality was usually not up to par. The hair looked super unrealistic and the synthetic hair looks super shiny.


‘I wanted to have a hair product range that was realistic looking. I also had working knowledge of the products because I actually wear and use these products myself.’ – Jorie, CEO & Founder


When we started we only sold to family and friends. But with the power of social media & word of mouth more people started to shop with us. As we got more insight into the market we improved all of our products. Choosing even higher quality fibers that make our crochet faux locs look realistic (our flagship product). In addition to our flagship signature crochet faux locs. We also added handmade products that are designed and made inhouse with the support of a small team of black hairstylists.