Braidless Crochet Braids Invisible Part: No Cornrow Method 1st October 2017 – Posted in: Braidless Crochet, Crochet Curls

Braidless Crochet Braids

Braidless crochet braids are very easy to do and can take a little under an hour to get a full installation. This is a no cornrow method with an invisible part or no leave out. I have natural 4C type of hair so this can be done on natural hair or relaxed hair. This tutorial features our Kemorah Crochet Curls but this method can be used for any bulk hair to be fair.

Tools Required


braidless crochet braids tutorial


The Braidless Crochet Braid Pattern

To get your hair to lay flat for a braidless crochet braids install, it is best to divide the hair into 4 sections. Then use a hair tie to secure the sections. Once the hair is sectioned and the hair tie added, you can leave it in a bun. But to get it to lay extra flat and secure, especially if you have big natural hair like I do, just plait the ends of the hair and tuck it into your sections. Use some hair gel or edge control to lay the front 2 sections for your invisible part.

braidless crochet braids - braids pattern

braidless crochet braids - braids pattern side


Crochet the hair onto your head using the crochet latch hook. Start from the back and work your way to the front. I recommend this for bulk hair as it will allow you to control how full your hair is going to be.


1 Pack of Kemorah Curls Added

braidless crochet braids - 1 pack kemorah curls


2 Packs of Kemorah Curls Added

braidless crochet braids - 2 packs kemorah curls


Work your way towards the front on the hair, leave your part section free (we will get back to that). Try and add the crochet curls as close to the edge of your section as possible.

braidless crochet braids showing edge


For your crochet part, you add the hair as close to your part line as possible, using the knotless invisible part method. You do this by putting your crochet curl through the section as you would normally but instead of pulling both ends of the hair through the loop, you pull just one end. For more info in this method please check out or other blog post on this.


Finished Look

crochet curl hairstyle - braidless crochet braids tutorial


crochet curl hairstyle - braidless crochet braids tutorial - back view