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Braidless Crochet Updo High Puff

In this tutorial you will learn how to do a braidless crochet updo to create a ponytail or a high puff. The awesome part of this tutorial is that I have come up with a method to help you do this even with short natural (or permed hair). When I say short, I mean hair that can be put into a bun but it is very hard to attach crochet braids to the end of the bun due to the length.

It is easier to do a full braidless crochet install with short hair when you divide your hair into sections. Than doing a braidless crochet updo, as your hair tends to be short when brought together into a bun.


For this braidless crochet updo, you will need a few things:



First thing is first, you are going to want to sleek your hair. I used Got2B Glued Gel for my hair and put it into a bun, even if you only manage to get it into a little bun that is fine as all buns matter! I put the scarf on my hair to sleek it and let it dry. You can also use a blow dryer to hasten the drying process on either the hot or cool setting.


Securing the Bun for your Braidless Crochet Updo High Puff


Wrap your bun with your mesh cap a couple of times until it stays put on your bun. This step makes it easier to create your braidless crochet updo as you can now attach it to  bun regardless of how short your hair may be.



This can also be used for long hair, as a way of keeping your bun ‘compact’ while you add your crochet braids. Add your hair tie  secure the mesh wig cap to your head.


Adding your braidless crochet hair is easier now as you have secure a bun to add it to. You simply use your latch hook and crochet the curls to your hair. For a full look, I added hair around the base of my bun as well.





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