Crochet Faux Locs Individuals : How to do Faux Locs 27th September 2019 – Posted in: Crochet Faux Locs, Faux Locs

Crochet Faux Locs Individuals

In this tutorial you will learn one of the many methods of how to do individual crochet faux locs. The style feature some cornrows, but you can alter this and have a full head of individuals by having just individual plaits.

Tools Required

6 Packs of Kinky Locs 18″ by Jorie Hair (or any locs of your choice)
1 Pack of Bantu Twists 14″ (or marley hair, the colour should match your crochet locs)
Crochet Latch Hook
Loc Jewellery (optional)



Crochet Faux Locs Braid Pattern

There are 3 rows of individuals all around the perimeter of the models hair, which means a majority of the faux locs will be individuals. This gives the hairstyle a more natural look. The 7 cornrows at the centre cut the install time dramatically. As individual crochet faux locs take 4 – 4.5 hours to install where as this style can be installed in 2.5 to 3 hours depending on your speed.

crochet faux locs individual braid pattern side

crochet faux locs individual braid pattern back


Crochet Faux Loc Individuals Installation

You are going to need your latch hook for this part. Put your latch hook through the base of the individual plait you created. Pull the loop of the loc through the base of the plait, grab the base of the loc and pull it through the hoop (like the video). By doing this you have secured your loc to your individual plait.

individual crochet faux locs how to

Get a strand of your kinky Bantu Twist (or marley hair), fold 4cm against the individual plait and the loc and start wrapping your marley hair tightly around it. This will mean that you are wrapping the crochet faux loc, the individual plait and some of the marley hair together. Keep wrapping until you are a few centimetres past your natural hair (the individual plait).

The last step is important as you are going to burn the marley hair and roll it tightly to secure. If you do not wrap it a few centimetres past your natural hair you will risk burning your own hair. Also always take extra care when burning synthetic hair. For beginners I recommend having a very damn towel nearby, synthetic hair melts but your actual hair can burn!

There are different methods of doing the crochet faux locs individuals. You can see the other method in one of our previous tutorials, in which we did some individual goddess faux locs. But the same method can be used with this hair. This will allow you to do the individual crochet faux locs without the Bantu Twist (or marley hair).


The Rest of the Hair

Simply crochet the rest of the faux locs to the cornrows using your latch hook. This is demonstrated in the video.


Faux Loc Accessories

In the end we added a few beads to accessorise the crochet faux locs. You can find our loc & braid accessories here if you would like to add something extra at the end. Add hair beads like we did or alternatively some hair string, spirals or hair cuffs to your locs.