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Faux Locs Hair & Distressed Locs Hair

Shop faux locs hair and distressed locs hair for beginners and pros. Have you ever wondered what type of hair to use for textured messy locs or faux locs in general? The Jorie Hair collection of loc hair was designed to help answer that question.

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Jorie faux loc hair & distressed loc hair will allow you to install your locs with ease. We wanted to offer hair that will be easy to install for beginners and pro’s alike. The range will feature hair of different textures that will allow creation of different  types of styles.

Whether you are into textured locs, silky or human hair blend locs, you have come to the right place. The wrapping hair comes pre-fluffed/ pre-prepped already for you to install. Alternatively if you do not want to create your hair from scratch, try out our textured crochet locs that are hand-made by with a team of other professional hair stylists. You can create a natural hair style in a fraction of the time it takes to do it from scratch.

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