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distressed locs hair fluffy spring twist

Distressed Locs Hair & Twists : Long , , ,


  • Use to create distressed locs or fluffy twists.
  • 30 strands a pack.
  • Can be used to wrap crochet locs.
  • Very long .
  • Easy to use.



Distressed Faux Locs Hair & Spring Twists Hair


Create distressed locs and spring twists with ease. The hair is very long, and can be stretched upto 65″. Hand fluffed and ready to install, which means less work and a quicker install. So you can spend less time doing your hair and more time rocking your hairstyle.



Soft Faux Locs Hair

Our hair was designed for multiple uses, but is does create exceptionally beautiful tension free soft locs. Traditionally people would use marley hair to wrap locs, which normally feels stiff. Using this hair you do not have to worry about stiff locs. This hair is designed to be used as wrapping hair, use it to wrap your crochet locs, marley hair or the distressed hair itself, for bohemian style textured locs. Or add wavy hair to the ends of your hair to create goddess locs. A key feature of this hair is the ease of use to create textured locs.

The hair has a slight shine and resembles human hair in appearance. Each strand is long enough to create waist length locs without the need to add more wrapping hair. Check out our hair guide to learn more about soft locs.


Pack Recommendation Example:

  • As wrapping hair for a full head of  waist length locs, use 4-5 packs and use marley hair as a base
  • Or use 2 -3 packs of our kinky crochet locs and use 2- 3 packs of this wrapping hair to wrap it all the way down for the distressed locs look.
  • Or use 3 packs of our kinky crochet locs and use 2 packs of this wrapping hair to wrap just the roots.




Spring Twist Prefluffed Hair

Use to create spring twists, bomb twists or nubian twists. Pre-fluffed for you, so that you can simply install it or split it further into smaller sections for a different look. We recommend using gel with this hair if you are creating twists. Helping it blend better with your natural hair and smoothing the hair for a neater install. Use hair mousse to set the style when your install is complete. Protect your hair at night by wrapping it in a scarf or by wearing a hair bonnet made out of silk or satin.


Packs Recommended:

We recommend 5 – 6 packs for long fluffy twists


Weight 185 g

Soft Black #1B

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