Frequently Asked Questions About Passion Twists 10th June 2019 – Posted in: Passion Twists

Questions about Passion Twists

passion twists questions

How long does passion twists last?

Passion Twists as a protective style should last around 6 weeks. Taking into consideration how quick your hair grows this can differ from person to person. But crochet passion twists can be re-used. Check out our post on how to maintain passion twists for more details on making your twists last.

How to wash passion twists?

When washing passion twists, you can use the same method as you would any synthetic hair. We recommend that you limit the washes to this style as to not mess up the twists and cause extra frizziness from washing too often.

We recommend:

  • Filling a bucket or a basin with lukewarm water.
  • Adding shampoo into the basin and then put in your passion twists.
  • Gently remove the hair and rinse it with hot water.
  • Add your conditioner to the hair and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Wash out the conditioner with warm water and blot the hair with the towel.
  • Allow your passion twists to air dry.


How to remove passion twists?

Removing your passion twists depends on your method of installation. If installed as crochet braids to your cornrows, find the knot at the base of your hair. Then pull the knot to create space to pull the passion twists through. If installed individually cut at a length longer than your hair. Then untwist it with a tail comb or your hand until you reach the base (near your scalp).

How many packs of hair for passion twists?

Different brands have varying amounts of hair per pack. Our passion twist braiding hair has extra strands than most packs and requires 4 – 5 packs for a full head of passion twists. While other brands can take 7 – 9 packs. Only 1 set is needed with our crochet handmade passion twists.

How long do passion twists take to install?

Installation differs depending on the individual, crochet passion twists can be installed in 2hrs – 2hrs 30 mins. Doing your passion twists individually can range anywhere from 3 – 8 hours. The time drastically changes depending on length and thickness of your twists.

When we researched average time for hairstylists to complete passion twists, it took on average of 5 hours to do mid-back length at regular width.

How to refresh passion twists?

To refresh your passion twists and get a more defined look simply trim any out of place frizz and add hair mousse.

How to maintain passion twists?

Maintaining your passion twists means washing it to clean it, taming the frizz, sleep hair care and shower hair care. Please see the wash care as mentioned previously. In terms of taming the frizz simply use a scissors to cut them without cutting the whole twist itself. Night care involves wearing a satin/ silk bonnet at night to protect the style. If you do not have a satin bonnet, simply use a scarf. Also wear a jumbo shower cap when in the shower or having a bath.

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