How to Maintain Passion Twists : In 4 Easy Steps 6th November 2019 – Posted in: Passion Twists

How to Maintain Passion Twists

You have installed your new hairstyle and need to know how to maintain passion twists. You have come to the right place. After my experience installing passion twists on myself and also doing them for other people I have come up with a few tips and tricks to help make your passion twists last. The longest I would personally keep passion twists are 4 – 6 weeks, when I used passion twist hair. But for crochet I would keep it in for around the same time period with the exception that I can install the hair again. Knowing how to maintain passion twists is key to giving your hair that extra bit of life to have a long install and keeping it looking fresh.


How to Detangle Your Passion Twists

The tangling of your Passion Twists depends on the brand and the type of hair you use for your passion twists. I use Passion Twists Hair Water Wave by Jorie Hair. This is a textured passion twists hair in which you experience less tangling than other hair brands. But I can not lie and say synthetic hair never tangles, heck our own hair tangles if it is not properly taken care of.

To detangle your passion twists simply run your fingers through your hair and finger detangle each piece. Do not yank on the hair as you detangle, as this can cause knots and further matting. Also at this point you will need your trusty scissors to cut off any pieces that looks like it is matting or is not easy to finger detangle.


How to Keep Your Passion Twist at Night

Keeping your passion twists well at night is a key factor to having a long install and preventing tangling. Remember to tie your hair up at night and use a satin bonnet or scarf. Silk is also a good material to use. Beware of the beauty supply shop bonnets as some of them claim to have ‘satin lining’ but it can sometimes be just a random material put inside.

A satin or silk pillow case is also acceptable to use, if you do not use hair bonnets or scarves. This easy night time routine makes such a difference to your hair. Even with my natural hair, there were times when I didn’t protect it at night and the tips of my hair would knot. But once I started to use a satin bonnet my hair remained soft and smooth. So you can imagine how much of a difference this makes for your passion twist hair.


How to make your Passion Twists Look New or Refresh Passion Twists

There are a couple of things to do to make your passion twists look ‘new’ again. If we are talking about just giving it a ‘new’ look and defining the curls in the hair you can use hair styling mousse. Hair styling mousse gives it a wet look and also defines the curls when added to your passion twists.

I use this particular mousse from Sainsburys and it has so far given me great results with my passion twist hair. But feel free to use any styling mousse of your choice. I also add eco styler gel to my twists to smooth out my natural hair.

If you want to refresh your passion twists, simply take out some strands. You can check out my tutorial on how to do passion twists, then retwist the strands around the perimeter of your hair. This will make your passion twists look as good as new. This is a good option if the hair still looks great and you want to refresh the perimeter.

how to do passion twists hair mousse


Washing Passion Twists

I have been asked this by a couple of people. If you can wash these twist. The answer is of course you can. I wont advise you to go swimming in it, though, if you want to maintain passion twists properly. But I will advise to wash your hair in between your styles. Especially keeping your scalp clean.

Washing your passion twists can involve shampooing your scalp and rinsing that off first. Then proceeding to gently shampooing the actual twists. By washing your hair this way your hair will be clean and you don’t damage or unravel any twists.

Alternatively for those other days that you just want to shower without getting your passion twists wet you can wear a shower cap. I brought in an awesome extra large shower cap just for that. It is adjustable with a drawstring and also satin lined.

shower cap for passion twists


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