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passion twists crochet ombre 30 ombre brown

Crochet Passion Twists Long ,



These hand-made passion twists are truly astonishing. They are super soft to touch and have a natural texture to it. As our twists are handmade no two twists are fully alike. We designed our crochet passion twists with our customers in mind, you can install them as individuals or do a full cornrow install.

Our twists were made using our own custom designed hair with a natural looking lustre and beautiful texture. The length of the hair in this set varies from 20″ to 23″ with each strand twisted to a different length for a layered look.

These passion twists come a set of 120pcs which is enough for a full head. Please feel free to email if you would like some add on twists to your order


*Please note that there are no accessories included with these twists, but they can be found here*



Medium Brown, Midnight Black, Ombre 1B/30#, Ombre Honey Brown

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