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hair cuffs

Hair Cuffs for Braids Locs & Twists ,



Hair cuff jewelry is a perfect accessory for twists, braids, cornrows, dreadlocks and all types of crochet hair. The gold cuffs enhances the look of your hair and can be adjusted to fit different widths of styles. Our hair cuffs come in a variety of colours such as gold, silver, pink, green, purple & blue.

The small gold cuffs are standard size and fits most type of hair.

The long cuffs are 17mm height * 10mm diameter but can be adjusted.

The rhinestone cuffs are 10m height * 14mm in diameter but can be adjusted.

Type of Accessory

Long Cuffs, Rhinestone Cuffs, Small Cuffs


Beige, Blue, Dark Brown, Gold, Green, Medium Brown, Pink, Purple, Silver

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