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soft locs extended back

Soft Locs Hair Crochet 14″ – 30″ , ,


  • 30″/ 24″/ 14″ in length
  • Hand extended to save time
  • High quality hair fiber
  • 21 strands per pack
  • Semi solid locs, soft but not hallow





Our Soft Locs Hair are hand extended. We use a very secure method when attaching the hair together to make it as seamless as possible. All while keeping its natural wave. We designed soft crochet faux locs that look and feel natural. It features some beautiful kinks that gives it a special textured look. Unlike the other smooth silky ones on the market. These faux locs have a natural wave pattern that mimics the look of real locs.

The locs are pre-looped and can be installed onto cornrows or as individuals. Perfect for the soft locs look. Our crochet faux locs can be washed and re-used with proper care (guide featured on the label) and maintenance. We have created a maintenance guide here. Each pack contains 30 strands of locs, meaning that you don’t need many packs to get a full look.


Recommended Amount of Packs of Locs:

Full head of individuals – 4 packs (84 locs total)

Partial individuals with cornrows – 5 packs (105 locs total)

Full head of cornrows – 6 packs (126 locs total)


Wrapping Hair for Soft Locs

Using wrapping hair is optional. But to create a bohemian or distressed look at the roots of the hair like the one on our model. Use our distressed locs wrapping hair. Or if you are planning on creating soft faux locs (individual locs) with this hair, we also highly recommend using the wrapping hair. It will keep your style longer lasting and your own hair won’t be peeping out of the locs. You can wrap it at the roots to have a distressed look or wrap them fully like soft faux locs. Another alternative is to use passion twist water wave hair to wrap or use some of the locs itself. We created a hair guide that will help you decide which hair is most suitable to wrap with and the look it creates here.


Recommended Amount of Packs of Distressed Wrapping Hair to use with Locs:

Full head of individuals just the roots – 1 pack

Partial individuals with cornrows – all hair lengths – 1 pack

Fully Distressed Soft Locs Wrapped from roots to end  – 4 packs



Soft Black #1B


14", 18", 24", 30"

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Soft Locs Hair Crochet 14
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