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passion twist water wave hair

Passion Twist Hair Water Wave 22″ , ,



Passion Twist Hair Water Wave


The latest addition to our collection are these Passion Twist Hair in a water wave pattern 22″. This hair texture was created for those with natural hair in mind or those that want high quality passion twist hair. Natural hair has some beautiful kinks and curls, but hair traditionally used for passion twists is normally silky. Silky texture, although gives you beautiful twists it normally is more difficult to blend in natural hair with it.


This particular hair has some texture to it and is easier to blend in with natural hair, even 4C hair. So our naturalistas are not left out. But it also can be worn by those with a permed hair texture aswell. Our hair is not silky which means it does not slip out of your hair, it stays in place once it is twisted. Blending your natural hair is also easier with this hair as it has texture.


Although we can not guarantee that synthetic hair will not tangle, this hair has minimal tangling. So your hair will not tangle and matt. As it does not easily tangle and it is also easy to finger fluff. When prepping this hair for passion twists, simply fluff the hair but not the ends. This keeps the ends wavy and intact so that it doesn’t frizz. But if you decide that you want to split the hair, please split with care as to try keep the ends smooth and wavy. Check our blog post showing you how to install this textured passion twist hair. We also highly recommend using gel when twisting this hair for a smoother look and using hair  mousse to set the hair when finished.


You can also choose to install this hair as crochet hair also. It’s water wave pattern leaves your hair in juicy wave.


How many packs for passion twists?

We recommend 5- 6 packs for passion twists. There are 25 strands in each pack. 1 strand can be used to create medium sized twists. Unlike other brands that need more strands for the same size.


How do I maintain my passion twists?

To maintain this hair and keep it refreshed run your fingers through the hair and simply add hair mousse. At night time use a silk or satin bonnet or scarf. Your hair will last much longer.


Can I use this hair for faux locs?

Yes you can use this hair for faux locs. This can be used as wrapping hair for to create a distressed texture to your locs. Check out this distressed locs tutorial for inspiration on how to use this hair.



Weight 135 g

Dark Brown #4, Ombre Chocolate Brown 1B/30#, Ombre Honey Brown 1B/27#, Soft Black #1B



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