How to do Crochet Box Braids: Individual Method & Cornrows 20th February 2019 – Posted in: Crochet Box Braids

How to do Crochet Box Braids Individual and Cornrow Method

This tutorial shows you an easy method to install individual crochet box braids. Crochet box braids are a protective style that can be worn by any hair type or length. By installing crochet box braids as individuals your box braids will have a more natural look when done right! This blog tutorial is quite easy to follow, but you can also check out the youtube video tutorial if needed.

In this tutorial I used the individual no cornrow method for the box braids in the front. Which was a majority of my models head and added some cornrows to the bottom that help speed up the process. This specific style jumbo crochet box braids were used and they are beautiful and super long crochet box braids (30″).

The crochet box braids no cornrows method can take up to 3 hours for installation, if your individually plait your whole head. But if some cornrows are added it takes less time and is reduced to around 2.5 hours.

crochet box braids no cornrows


Tools Required

  • 7 – 8 packs of Crochet Box Braid
  • Crochet Latch Hook
  • Braiding Hair (optional, only if adding cornrows with your individuals)
  • Edge Control or Gel (to lay your edges, optional)



Individual Crochet Box Braids: Crochet Pattern

To have individual crochet box braids, you will need to decide the quantity of individuals you would like and section your hair in the front accordingly. In this tutorial we had about 40 individual plaits in the front, this acts as a foundation to attach the crochet box braids to.

We then added cornrows to her hair as well. This would speed up the process of doing her hair vs. having all of the foundation as individuals. But this is optional, as it would depend on the style you are trying to achieve. Otherwise you can opt to have the full crochet box braids no cornrows method.


Attaching the Crochet Box Braids to your Individual Braids

Attach your crochet box braids to your plait by placing beside the base of your plait. Then pull the crochet box braids loop (about a finger length) through the bottom of your plait using your crochet needle.

Grab the ends of your crochet box braids and the end of your plait and pull them both through the loop. Then pull until the crochet braid is securely attached to your head.

You are then going to ‘hide’ your individual plait within your crochet box braids. This can be demonstrated in my other tutorial ‘Crochet Braids Individual Method’. In which you pull your individual plait within your crochet box braids using the latch hook.

You then continue attaching your crochet box braids to your individual plaits, until you have a full head. In the video I added some cornrows to the models head. Then attached the jumbo crochet box braids the traditional way as well to speed up the process.



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