Short Faux Locs: Individual Crochet Faux Locs Bob Tutorial 24th September 2019 – Posted in: Crochet Faux Locs, Faux Locs

Short Faux Locs Bob


This tutorial shows you how to do short faux locs using the individual crochet method (with a little twist).  The locs used for this bob faux locs is our 12″ Kinky Crochet Faux Locs, as the hair itself looks very natural when combined with this install method you get a natural looking finish for your locs. We have a video tutorial along with our blog tutorial to show you in detail how to create this fab style. When we refer to natural hair in this post, we simply mean your own hair. We are not necessarily referring to your natural curls, as this style is achievable even with relaxed hair.


The image below shows the finished result, with added hair jewellery and gold hair string to add that extra bit of boho to your faux locs. Our model & stylist (the awesome fauxlocslondon) does these locs on herself and slays it, with makeup done by the lovely slaybycyn. Lets get started!

crochet faux loc short bob tutorial finished look


crochet faux loc bob short



Tools Required


holding crochet faux locs short



Braid Pattern for Individual Faux Locs Bob

The image below shows you the braid pattern used for the short faux locs. To create this you simply braid your natural hair into individual plaits. The amounts of plaits determine how many locs you are going to be adding and how full the hair will be. A little tip, if you are going to be wrapping the locs with some spare crochet locs from the pack, then take that into consideration when doing your individual plaits or alternatively get some marley hair (also known as Bantu Twists on our site).

individual crochet faux locs braid pattern


Adding the Locs with the Individual Crochet Locs Method

You are going to get your crochet needle and put it under the individual plait you created. Then attached your faux loc to your latch hook and pull it through. Proceed to wrap your loc around all of your individual plaits.


If you are planning to wrap some of the individuals in the front with marley hair or the extra locs, as previously advised in the last step. Then you are going to just attach your faux locs to the individual plait but not wrap it yet. See the next step for more details.

crochet faux loc bob tutorial latch hook


crochet faux loc bob from the side


crochet faux loc bob from the back



Wrapping the Individual Crochet Faux Loc

You can always choose to skip this step. By leaving your individual locs as they are and wrapping all of them with just the crochet faux loc. For a longer lasting, neater looking base you are going to wrap it with extra hair. This can be done with your spare locs from the pack or with some marley hair.

You are going to simply wrap your  individual plait and faux loc together using the spare locs or some marley hair. To seal the wrapped hair, use either nail glue or a lighter (with care).

crochet faux loc bob tutorial wrapping loc




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