Beads and Braids: How to Add Beads to Braids Tutorial 8th September 2017 – Posted in: Crochet Box Braids


Beads and braids have always been a great combo. They are not just for kids, but for adults as well, with celebrities such as Solange Knowles rocking hair beads. Some people use their hands to add beads, string and all sorts of other things which can take forever. So we wanted to show you a quick and easy method to add hair beads.


beads and braids hairstyle inspiration

Photo Credit: @leonegoddess, @_trillafrican, @danibabycham, @glowprincess

In this quick tutorial we show to add hair beads to box braids, but this can be also applied to crochet braids, faux locs, dread locs, curls or any type of hair. For the demonstration we use the 24″ Crochet Jumbo Box Braids from Jorie Hair. For inspiration on different bead combinations, check out our blog post.

hair beader tool and beads 1

Tools Needed

white bead and hair beader tool 2

beads and hair beader tool 3

As stated above, you will require big hole hair beads that will fit your braid, likely ranging from 5mm to 8mm. Line up your hair beads in the combination you want and insert it into the beader. Note that the bead you you put into the hair beader tool first will be at the bottom of the braid.

crochet box braids and beads 4

Put the end of your crochet box braid or box braids through the beader loop once you have added the beads.

box braids and large hair beads 5

Pull your braid through your beads by pulling on the beader tool.

large hair beads and rubber band 7

When you have pulled the hair through your beader, you will need to secure the beads to stop them from falling out. This can be done by folding the end of your braid until it reaches right above your last bead by 1cm or so. Then use a rubber band to tie and secure the bead. This will stop your beads from falling out.

beaded box braids 8

Voila, you now have beaded braids! For other accessories to glam up your braids check out our post on braid accessories.


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